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Xmas Sloe Gin

Updated: Mar 14

My sloe gin recipe is super easy and can be tailored to any sized jars or bottles.

As I tend to do lots of Xmas favors for friends and family. I recycle any cool looking jars year round or towards autumn. These obviously have different volumes, so I stick to a half and half formula instead.


- Sloe berries (foraged)

- Granulated sugar

- Gin

- Jars


Firstly you'll want to process your foraged berries by washing them, picking out stems and either pricking with a fork or a little trick is to freeze them to help burst the skin. That saves a lot of forking.

Place your current chosen jar or bottle on a set of kitchen scales and zero/tare.

Roughly fill it 1/2 the way up with sloe berries and note the weight.

Now add 1/2 that weight in granulated sugar.

Then top the jar up with Gin and you're done.

Now you just need to give it the odd shake over the next few weeks to help dissolve the sugar. And in 2 to 3 months you'll have some beautiful homemade sloe gin and more than likely some less beautiful hangovers.

Please drink responsibly ✌🏻😊


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