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Pine needle tea

I remember years and years ago watching an episode of Bear Grylls. On the episode whilst obviously in some seriously hostile environment i remember him making a cup of tea out of pine needles and making some claim at the high vitamin c content compared to a citrus fruit.

That has always stuck with me, and hes right! Pine needles contain more than 4 times the vitamin c as a lemon for example. this tea is also a decongestant and has antioxidants.

I've be a newbie forager for a couples years now and love the idea of living off the land. So as the colder weather crept in this week along with the sniffles and blocked nose i thought it a good time to pick a few springs and try this tea.

Ingredients required.

2 handfuls - Pine needles

1 - Lemon

3 tsp - Honey

1L - Water

1. Cut and wash your pine needle springs...

2. Drain, add to simmering water and the juice of half a lemon...

3. After steeping for 20mins or until the needle lose their colour... drain into a jug and add 3 tsp of honey or to your own taste.

And there you have it...


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