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Fluffy Black Forest Pancakes

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

I really like making pancakes, they're quick, easy and playing with flavour combinations can be very fun. I've always been a fan of a decadent Black forest gateau, so it seemed like a good idea for a pancake crossover recipe.

A good thing with this recipe is you might already have these ingredients. But if not they're all readily available in any supermarket. especially a key ingredient which is berries, I use Frozen Berries which are easily stored and are then always to hand. Chocolate chips are always handy to keep in the baking cupboard, I always keep a few bags of White, Milk and Dark choc chips whisk we'll be using for this recipe.

So for this recipe in particular I will be making a standard american style fluffy pancake. Adding chocolate chips during the cooking, so I have a melted chocolate marble running through the pancakes. I add all the dry ingredient first into a bowl and whisk them together. In a measuring jug I add all the wet ingredients and mix them together with a fork. Then I combine Wet and dry a bit at time until I have a nice smooth pancake batter. I like to spoon in 1/4 cup portions onto a medium heated pan and cook x2 pancakes at a time. Once the batter has spread itself and stopped I add chocolate chips. Once air bubbles start forming there ready to flip. For the syrup I simply add the frozen berries and sugar to a pan stirring continuously, bringing to a boil and allowing to simmer. To serve I generously add the berry syrup, chocolate chips and cream.

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