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An Evening at Cosmos

Tonight I was invited to Cosmo Bristol, an all you can eat restaurant. They've recently finished refurbishment so pretty ecited to see how its all went...

As a family we were all a bit fussy when it came to food. I never used to be that bad, but my mum still only eats peas and my sister can stand gravy.... weird right?... Anyway...

As you can imagine choosing somewhere to go out for food it was pretty difficult to pick somewhere that pleased everyone. So for quite a while as a family this was our go to birthday meal restaurant.

I always remember being surprised how much its cooked to order and its great that so much is still cooked to order via the grill chefs cooking you scallops, squid and steak. They have their very own tandoor which was churning out some awesome chicken.

I was impressed with the huge pizza oven and the BBQ section with its very own rotisserie. Pick from, soups, Indian curries, Asian cuisine including sushi and shellfish, pizza, noodles and even a roast carvery.

I when ALL IN! nailing about 6/7 plates including a plate of beige haha, again I used to be a fussy eater and even though I've changed its still nostalgic and I loved it!

The star of the show was definitely the Char Sui pork! I could've eaten a plate of just that to be honest. The curries were also really nice and really enjoyed the freshly tandoored (if that's a word?) chicken.

If You have a sweet tooth, you'd love it here... from fresh fruit, cakes, sweets, ice cream and even a giant chocolate fountain! I would recommend the Cheesecake.

The staff here are fantastic! very accommodating, happy to help with anything you need and great at keeping everything topped up 😋

Thank you Cosmo very much for having me.

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